Direct Debit with GoCardless

Get paid on time and reconcile invoices automatically with GoCardless for Billingbooth


Connect your account

Get started within minutes by connecting your GoCardless account to Billingbooth. Simply go to Settings -> Payment Collection and click on the Connect with GoCardless button.


Sign in to GoCardless

When directed to the GoCardless sign in page, enter the email address and password of the account you intend to Connect to Billingbooth. You can also sign up for a new GoCardless account if you don't already have one.


Set up your customers

Add a payment method to your customer by going to the Customers -> Payments page, and clicking on Add Payment Method. Send a new mandate email to your customer, or link an existing GoCardless mandate with your Billingbooth customer.


Start collecting payments

Start your billing run as you normally would, and Billingbooth will collect payments on your issued invoices as determined in the settings found at Settings -> Payment Collection.


Automatically reconcile invoices

As payment is collected and paid out to you, Billingbooth invoices get settled automatically, reducing admin time and giving you a clear picture of outstanding charges.

Connect today, take payments right away

Payments are available on our Business, Professional & Enterprise plans.

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