Telecoms Billing Platform

For all your communication billing needs, Billingbooth offers comprehensive support for billing within the telecommunications industry. Our primary focus is on CDR or minute billing, letting you manage all your customer's call charges in a simple, efficient process.

Support for multiple communication providers, multiple charge rates, product bundles and the ability to take payments from your customers means you won't have to look any further for your perfect billing engine.

Rate sheets

Customise your call destination charges by creating your own rate sheets. Add mark up to increase your profits, and create different rate sheets for different tariffs to allow for tiered pricing with different customers.

Define rates for peak, off peak and weekend calls, including minimum charge and connection fees. For resellers, feed your communication provider rate sheets directly into Billingbooth, making the charging process seamless.

Peak hour schedules

Define your peak, off-peak and weekend billing rates through an intuitive, visual configuration system. Calls being charged will utilise your custom-made schedules to determine what billing rate should be applied when charging your customers for calls made.

With the ability to configure days of the week, and time ranges, you will be able to easily manage even the most complicated peak rate configurations.

Caller Line Identity customer matching

Identify your customer's calls by association Caller Line Identity (CLI) or Direct Dial Inbound (DDI) numbers against them. Support for different identifiers such as SIP Trunks, DDIs or account codes. Billingbooth will automatically apply charges to calls based on CLI, generating invoices for call charges owed.

Minute bundles

Create product and minute bundles, such as inclusive landline, mobile or international destinations. Fixed-fee product bundles allow you to create flat-rate plans you can sell to your customers, ensuring that only only calls made outside of the bundle allowances get charged.

Call Analytics

Analyse the revenue and cost of sale for calls, identify your top dialed destinations and customers, and work out your peak calling profiles with our statistical analysis feature.

Provider support

For resellers, we support data from a wide range of communication providers. We ensure that compatibility with your provider is up-to-date, to avoid the hassle of data format problems, and to facilitate tighter integration.

If you are interested in becoming supported by us, or have a provider you wish to work with, please contact us on and we'll do our very best to you up and running.

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